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Dec 182013
A Promotional Product to Fit Every Budget!

When it comes to deciding on what kind of promotional product to select for an advertising promotion, you’ll soon discover that one size does not fit all. Every company has a different budget, and also, budget requirements can vary according to things like the season and your particular needs.

For this reason it’s always great if you can have a range of options to choose from. There may be times when low cost items are most appropriate, and other times when splashing out on your promotional item is the only wise way to go. Here is a range of three price levels that is sure to fit every budget, and also satisfy every requirement.

1 – Keychains – everyone needs them and they won’t break the bank

Keychains are a very low cost practical item with a long life. Everyone has a key or two and everyone needs to consolidate them in one place for convenience, which is why the humble keychain is an evergreen popular item.

Keychains are attractive items. The tabs can be printed on with a company logo and a short promotional message. The tabs can be purchased in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best fits the mood of the promotion. These small keychains are an excellent and highly affordable giveaway item for direct mailouts, or at trade fairs.

2 – Keylights – showing the way to a more successful promotion


These diminutive lights can attach to a keychain. They are in effect miniature flashlights. They use a small LED light, which can provide you with a surprisingly good amount of illumination, but without the usual bulk of a battery torch. Keylights can have a company logo and short promotional message printed on them.

This is a useful item, especially in an unexpected power outage, for example. Keylights are small and lightweight, and are a perfect mid-size budget promotional product choice. They make great giveaways at trade fairs, and their relatively small size means they are still suitable for mailouts too.

3 – Drinkware and compu-backpacks – they get noticed and used daily

For those on a more premium budget, we can offer a range of drinkware items as well as compu-backpacks. Drinkware can range from the ubiquitous ceramic coffee mug to the more exotic and discerning aluminum water bottle. All drinkware items can have

Compu Backpack

promotional messages and company logos printed on them, and they are available in a range of colors.

The compu-backpack is a sturdy item made in strong Duralite and Waffle Weave material. There is a range of decorating options available, including embroidery and PhotoReal transfer. The pack comes in black, and as its name suggests, it has an internal padded computer sleeve. It also has a number of other external zipped pockets. The compu-backpack is an extremely attractive promotional item that will certainly get noticed, appreciated and used.

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