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Jan 132014
Pen USB Flash Drive

Over the past decade, online marketing has become especially important, as more and more people tap the Internet to find the things they want and need. These days, consumers don’t use phone books to locate reputable service providers in their areas. Likewise, they don’t thumb through catalogs looking for products that peak their interest.

The rapidly growing online marketplace has provided big and small businesses with new ways to reach out to customers. That said, as more and more companies invest in online advertising and branding campaigns, many are losing sight of offline marketing strategies that can make a huge difference in their bottom lines.

When Consumers Go Offline

Modern Americans spend a lot of time online, thanks to the prevalence of laptops, tablets and smartphones. Eventually, however, they unplug from the Internet to work, play and spend time with the ones they love. By investing in smart offline marketing campaigns, smart business owners have the power to connect with these consumers in the offline world. Invariably, the best way to do this is by utilizing branded promotional items that provide actual value to users.

Promotional Flash drives

A Quantifiable Difference

Branded promotional items are ideal tools for promoting greater customer acquisition and retention. A recent study revealed this when it asked numerous consumers how they felt about branded products. Ultimately, researchers uncovered the following statistics:

  • 83 percent of people say they enjoy receiving promotional products
  • 53 percent of people use some type of promotional product on a weekly basis
  • 74 percent of people keep some type of promotional product in their offices
  • 88 percent of recipients say they remember the brand name on a promotional product
  • 47 percent of people who receive a promotional product keep the item for at least 12 months
  • 85 percent of recipients ultimately end up doing business with the company that gave them the product
Value Is the Key

USB Pens

When most people think about branded products, they imagine calendars, coffee mugs and pens. Nowadays, however, branded items are available in all sorts of different forms, including golf bags, key chains, USB flash drives and much more. Because they provide real value to consumers, these items are retained for longer periods. In turn, they provide a significant ROI (return on investment) for business owners who can’t afford to throw money away.

By investing in promotional items, businesses are able to connect with consumers while they’re at work or at play. This adds an extra dimension to their overall marketing campaigns, allowing them to reach customers even after they’ve shut down their laptops and mobile devices.

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